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Hello i want to create stubs using a WADL web service.

i know how to create stubs from wsdl file using stub generator, wscompile even from netbeans j2me web service client

but i have a WADL file and i am creating stubs same way as WSDL then getting following error

Stub Generation Failed:
error: modeler error: expected root element "definations"(in namespace "http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/wsdl/"),
found element "application"(in namespace "http://research.sun.com/wadl/2006/10")

what is wrong here?? am i missing something or there is some different way of creating stubs of WADL file??

as error is showing expected WSDL i think there should some other way of creating stubs using WADL.

Is it possible to create stubs of WADL

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