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Prologue I am studying Flash and want to make a video player with where you can change video and the corresponding subtitles with a click on either "forward" or "back" button.

So far I have created 2 arrays of video files ("[videos]") and text strings ("[captions]"). By clicking on one of the buttons, the video in the FLVPlayback component changes as well as the the subtitles-text in the TextArea.

However I have a problem with text formatting.

I use the following functions for button click:

   function playNextVideo():void
   if (currentVideo < videos.length-1)

   function playCurrentVideo():void
    textCaption.textField.defaultTextFormat = newFormat;
    myVideo.source = videos[currentVideo];

The newFormat is a simple TextFormat variable:

var newFormat:TextFormat = new TextFormat();

newFormat.color = 0x0000C9;
newFormat.size = 18;
newFormat.italic = true;

I execute playCurrentVideo() to start the video playback.

The Problem My problem is that the format changes only when I click the button, but it is not applied for the first subtitle.

So, for the first video I get a plain text, with black color, not italic and not with size "18". However, if I click on "forward" button (and thus execute the playCurrentVideo() again), the format will change. If I then will try to go back to the first video, the text will now be formatted.

So my question is - what causes this condition and how to handle it?

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Can you post more code? You have an instantiation problem by the looks of it, and it's difficult to discern where without seeing more of your code. –  user1385191 Jan 9 '11 at 3:26
were you able to solve this? –  goliatone Jan 19 '11 at 14:20

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If the TextArea you are using is one of flash components then you need to call:

textCaption.setStyle( "textFormat", newFormat );

Your code would look now as:

 function playCurrentVideo():void {
textCaption.setStyle( "textFormat", newFormat );
myVideo.source = videos[currentVideo];


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I did it the following way: var newFormat:TextFormat = new TextFormat(); newFormat.color = 0x0000C9; newFormat.size = 18; newFormat.font = "Times" textCaption.setStyle("textFormat", newFormat); Thank you –  Hippopotamus Jan 26 '11 at 20:53

I suspect it has something to do with the way TextField is implemented. When you change a TextField's properties, you sometimes have to wait one frame until the changes apply. Try to set defaultTextFormat = newFormat at the time the TextField is instantiated, and/or setTextFormat(newFormat) after the text is changed.

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