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I created a Mnesia database / Schema on machine1. The node was named mypl@machine1. I then moved all files to machine2, because machine1 broke down. Everything runs fine as long as the code is running with the name "mypl@machine1". Obviously this is somewhat confugsing, because it is now running on machine2.

If I start Erlang with the node name "mypl@machine2" the Mnesia Database appears being empty.

How do I rename the node in a Mnesia Database from machine1 to machine2?

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I don't think this can be done online on a single node(anyone?), but it is possible to do via a backup/restore in addition to running two nodes and adding table copies. In the Mnesia User's guide section 6.9.1 you'll find some code that uses mnesia:traverse_backup to alter the node names in the schema table (Shown below) in an mnesia backup file. The module name you should probably use is mnesia_backup.

With this code you'll need to:

%% On mypl@machine1
change_node_name(mnesia_backup, mypl@machine1, mypl@machine2,
                 "/path/to/mnesia.backup", "/path/to/new.mnesia.backup").
%% On mypl@machine2
mnesia:restore("/path/to/new.mnesia.backup", []).

I'm not sure if you need to create the schema first on mypl@machine2.

The change node name code from the user's guide:

change_node_name(Mod, From, To, Source, Target) ->
    Switch =
        fun(Node) when Node == From -> To;
           (Node) when Node == To -> throw({error, already_exists});
           (Node) -> Node
    Convert =
        fun({schema, db_nodes, Nodes}, Acc) ->
                {[{schema, db_nodes, lists:map(Switch,Nodes)}], Acc};
           ({schema, version, Version}, Acc) ->
                {[{schema, version, Version}], Acc};
           ({schema, cookie, Cookie}, Acc) ->
                {[{schema, cookie, Cookie}], Acc};
           ({schema, Tab, CreateList}, Acc) ->
                Keys = [ram_copies, disc_copies, disc_only_copies],
                OptSwitch =
                    fun({Key, Val}) ->
                            case lists:member(Key, Keys) of
                                true -> {Key, lists:map(Switch, Val)};
                                false-> {Key, Val}
                {[{schema, Tab, lists:map(OptSwitch, CreateList)}], Acc};
           (Other, Acc) ->
                {[Other], Acc}
    mnesia:traverse_backup(Source, Mod, Target, Mod, Convert, switched).
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To answer your concern "I'm not sure if you need to create the schema first on the target node..": when using mnesia:restore/2, the schema should be already there. If it's not, playing with options in order to recreate it will most likely be doomed. When the node is virgin, it's best to use other method of restoring: mnesia:install_fallback("/path/to/backup") when mnesia is stopped, then start it. – Wojciech Kaczmarek Aug 4 '11 at 23:34

Workaround is migration. Just start mnesia cluster and migrate all your tables and schema to other node. Than remove from original and forgot.

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