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Is it possible to send a MIME message as it is, without adding any headers? For example, if I have a correct MIME message with all headers and content saved to a text file, is it possible to use the contents of this file without modification and send it via SMTP? Apparently both python's SMTP.sendmail and PHP smtp::mail require at least "To:" and "From:", and passing the complete message to these functions doesn't seem to work.

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It appears from the documentation that python's SMTP.sendmail should take a sender, a set of recipients, and a verbatim MIME message like the one you have. (The split here between the sender/recipients and the message itself is because you're talking SMTP. The SMTP envelope determines the actual recipients and is actually independent of the message payload.) So you should be good to go with SMTP.sendmail.

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You could read up to the first blank line, use those as additional headers, then send the rest in the body.

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