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I have an app where users have a role,a username,faculty and so on.When I'm looking for a list of users by their role or faculty or anything they have in common I can call (among others possible)

      @users = User.find_by_role(params[:role]) #or
      @users = User.find_by_shift(params[:shift]) 

So it keeps the system


So the question is: What if at different points users lists should be generated based on different properties.I mean: I'm passing from different links

  1. params[:role] or
  2. params[:faculty] or
  3. params[:department]

to my list action in my users controller.As I see it all has to be in that action,but which parameter should the search be made by?

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Try https://github.com/ernie/meta_search if you're on Rails 3

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I guess I was looking for a dynamic way of doing it.I mean I just found a guy that does blog.teksol.info/2005/10/31/… But this will do it too :) –  Daniel Jan 8 '11 at 15:39

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