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I have a calendar screen where I want to display the hours of the day like this:








Being a total Ruby noob, I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out the simplest way to display this.

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You could generate these like this:

array = ['12:00am'] + (1..11).map {|h| "#{h}:00am"} + ['12:00pm'] + (1..11).map {|h| "#{h}:00pm"}

or simply write out the array (this is more efficient):

array = ["12:00am", "1:00am", "2:00am", "3:00am", "4:00am", "5:00am", "6:00am", "7:00am", "8:00am", "9:00am", "10:00am", "11:00am", "12:00pm", "1:00pm", "2:00pm", "3:00pm", "4:00pm", "5:00pm", "6:00pm", "7:00pm", "8:00pm", "9:00pm", "10:00pm", "11:00pm"]

You can then print these however you want, eg.

array.each do |el|
    puts el
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#!/usr/bin/env ruby

# without using actual `Date` objects ...

p ["12:00am"] + (1..11).map {|h| "#{h}:00am"}.to_a + 
  ["12:00pm"] + (1..11).map {|h| "#{h}:00pm"}.to_a

["12:00am", "1:00am", "2:00am", "3:00am", "4:00am", "5:00am", "6:00am",
"7:00am", "8:00am", "9:00am", "10:00am", "11:00am", "12:00pm", "1:00pm",
"2:00pm", "3:00pm", "4:00pm", "5:00pm", "6:00pm", "7:00pm", "8:00pm",
"9:00pm", "10:00pm", "11:00pm"]

Or using actual DateTime objects and %I:%M%p as format:

#!/usr/bin/env ruby

require "Date"

for hour in 0..23 do
  d = DateTime.new(2010, 1, 1, hour, 0, 0)
  p d.strftime("%I:%M%p")  

Which would print:

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