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I have sub-classed a models.Field for an enhanced FilePathField. Through the get_choices() method the choices update properly if files has been changed - no server restart is needed for that. But in the admin interface files can be selected but not saved. If I change the kwargs.update({'choices':(('',''),)}) to kwargs.update({'choices':self.make_selection()}) so it can only the new or changed files not be saved - it needs a server restart before. How to change this behavior?

from django.db import models import settings from django.utils.translation import ugettext_lazy as _ import os

class DetachedFilePathField(models.Field):

description = _("Installation independent file path field implementation with \
                grouped choices")

def __init__(self, verbose_name=None, path='', blank=False, match=None,
             exclude_selectable=(), spaces=True, choices_groups=(), * args, ** kwargs):
    match takes a string (not a regular expression). exclude_selectable and
    choices_groups takes a string or a tupple of strings.

    Setup the settings.PROJECT_DIRECTORY_PATH with the path to your project.
    You can do it dynamic i.e. something like that:
    PROJECT_DIRECTORY_PATH = dirname(dirname(__file__))
    self._match, self._choices_groups = match, choices_groups,
    self._basepath = path # outgoing from this path walk to direictorys.
    self._spaces = spaces
    self._general_choices = _('general')

    # If string convert into list
    if type(exclude_selectable) == str:
        self._exclude_selectable = (exclude_selectable, )
        self._exclude_selectable = exclude_selectable

    # Variable to cut the path before saving (Try to make it installation
    # independend). Goal is to get an independent path as long as possible
    # but optimum is the length of the project path (hopfully you have setup
    # settings.PROJECT_DIRECTORY_PATH in your settings file).
        # path to the project is the optimum
        self._split = '/'.join(settings.PROJECT_DIRECTORY_PATH.strip('/').split('/')[:-1])
            self._split = os.environ['HOME'] # working directory
                self._split = os.path.expanduser("~") # working directory
                self._split = self._basepath # in model given parameter

    kwargs.update({'choices':(('',''),), 'max_length':len(path) + 100})
    #kwargs.update({'choices':self.make_selection(), 'max_length':len(path) + 100})
    super(DetachedFilePathField, self).__init__(verbose_name, blank, **kwargs)

def get_choices(self, include_blank=True, blank_choice=''):
    return self.make_selection()

def get_internal_type(self):
    return "DetachedFilePathField"

def make_selection(self):
    Retuns grouped choices with shortened paths and without
    the "exclude dirs".
    groups = {}
    general = []
    def group(val):
        """Takes val as an tuple with two values and sort it in different lists."""
        fin = False
        for group in self._choices_groups:
            if group in val[0]:
                group_name = group.strip('/').split('/')[-1] # if group is a path
                except KeyError:
                    groups[group_name] = []

    # walk trough directories and colect not excluded paths
    w = os.walk(self._basepath)
    for r, d, f, in w:
        for file in f:
            path = r + '/' + file
            path = path.split(self._split)[-1] # shorten the path
            # sort out the list
            if self._exclude_selectable or self._match: # if exlusion directories are given
                exclude = False # by default include

                # this block can include
                if self._match: # if match strings are given
                    exclude = True
                    for expr in self._match:
                        if expr in path:
                            exclude = False

                # this block can exclude!
                for expr in self._exclude_selectable:
                    if expr in path:
                        exclude = True

                # take it if include!
                if not exclude:
                    group((path, path.split('/%s/' % self._basepath.strip('/').split('/')[-1])[-1]))
                group((path, path.split('/%s/' % self._basepath.strip('/').split('/')[-1])[-1]))

    # merge groups to an selection tuple
    ausw = [('', (("", "---------"), ))] # The dorp-downs preset
    for g in groups:
        ausw.append((g, tuple(groups[g])))
    if general:
        ausw.append((self._general_choices, tuple(general)))
    return tuple(ausw) # new grouped selection tuple
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