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Hey guys, can any of you find out why I'm getting the above error?

$mysqli=new mysqli("localhost", "***", "***","***") or die($mysqli->connect_error);

              function checklogin($username, $password){
                global $mysqli;

                $result = $mysqli->prepare("SELECT * FROM users WHERE username = ?");
                $result->bind_param("s", $username);
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Calling $mysqli->prepare() will return an instance of MySQLi_STMT, but the MySQLi_STMT class doesn't have a query() method. Perhaps you meant execute()?

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Then what is this on the mysqli manual page? if ($result = $mysqli->query($query)) { while ($row = $result->fetch_row()) { printf("%s (%s,%s)\n", $row[0], $row[1], $row[2]); } /* free result set */ $result->close(); } – BenRacicot Sep 10 '13 at 0:51
That's calling query() on the MySQLi connection, not on a prepared statement. – Lukáš Lalinský Sep 10 '13 at 8:43

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