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I am wanting to expose some data service endpoints for internal application use and am debating on WCF REST as a possible solution. What are my options for other languages/platforms as clients? Keeping in mind that I need to service Java, Python and .Net clients.

Essentially, I want to be able to demonstrate a single point of organization data access for multiple clients, and feel that the REST toolkit, especially with JSON could work very well. Being able to address multiple clients with a single data access layer would be a really good thing.

I feel that WCF + REST is probably the best solution for this on the server-side, but want to demonstrate the other languages working against the services. As a point of really selling the option for use beyond my developer group within the organization.

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SOAP, JSON, POX ( plain old XML ) coexist endpoints for WCF services would solve your problem.

Check out the first result (my blog) after seaching keywords on "SOAP, JSON, POX ( plain old XML ) coexist"

It contains a sample project as well.

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for those looking, <a href="… is the article link</a>. – Tracker1 Jan 21 '09 at 2:30

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