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Is it possible to host from ec2 and from cloudfront?

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No, you won't be able to make the part of the URL after the domain name influence the DNS lookup for However, if you're willing to settle for something like "", you can easily resolve to your CloudFront distribution using a CNAME.

You could also configure the web server on your EC2 instance to redirect or proxy to CloudFront - but then your server is still getting hit every time that resource is loaded, which eliminates most of the benefit to using a CDN in the first place.

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Reverse proxy definitely wouldn't make sense in this case, and adding a redirect may actually make performance worse. – Ken Liu Feb 27 '12 at 17:38

In a way, you can. You would need to use a reverse proxy on your web server at

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To agree with David (above), you can set up a DNS CNAME for your CloudFront distribution, but the best you could do would be a subdomain of your site. It's a better way to do things anyway, if you follow Yahoo! or Google website performance guidelines.

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