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I have 2 controllers on my stage, one behaves like an analog controller (A) for left/right up/down etc, controlled with a TouchEvent. The firing controller (B) is bound to another TouchEvent.

The problem is TouchEvent seems to be much slower than using say MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN for controller (B) which results in a much faster firing mechanism. If I am using TouchEvent to control (A), and MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN on controller (B), (B) will not fire unless I release (A) meaning I cannot move and shoot at the same time which is frustrating, but I can use a MouseEvent for controller (A) and a TouchEvent for controller (B). Any ideas how I can stop the conflict?

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Have a look at PressAndTapGestureEvent.

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Worth a shot but seems to simulate a double click? For the time being I have introduced 2 firing buttons side by side so you can effectively tap with 2 fingers doubling the firing speed. –  woodscreative Jan 12 '11 at 17:17

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