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I already know that many information requires extended permissions to be accessed by the application on facebook api. This is sent as extra uri variable like "scope=user_photos,user_videos,publish_stream" etc. Now, if I need many extended permissions, then how can i simplify it? Without mentioning all permission names individually is there any way to ask them in short cut way?


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Asking for permissions is supposed to be a pain, to discourage you from requesting them unnecessarily. –  Ben Voigt Jan 8 '11 at 21:52

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no, you have to put them in the url. whats the problem with that?

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Main problem is that, it will result a really a long url in case i want to put most of the permissions. I was just curious if there is any such way to get it simply :) –  Rana Jan 9 '11 at 7:01

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