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I have a jqGrid that is using the toolbar search with some text searches for businessName and a dropdown for states. I am using the grouping feature to group by state and this works great. I have also set the option of groupCollapse to true so basically loads a grid of states with their count of businesses.

groupText: ["{0} - {1} businesses"],

Then for my toolbar search bar filterToolbar

$("#businessGrid").jqGrid('filterToolbar',{stringResult: true,searchOnEnter : false, 
    afterSearch : function(){
      var x = $("#businessGrid").jqGrid('getGridParam','groupCollapse');


When I log [ x ] it is indeed setting the gridParam to false but when I trigger a reload of the grid it doesn't un-collapse the groups.

Any ideas would be appreciated. If its not possible I'll have to come up with a different solution, but this behavior would be ideal.

Thanks, Tim

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think i found the solution removes the grouping which is fine since only one state can be chosen at once any way.

///if blank option (all states option) is chosen reapply grouping 
if($("#gs_StateFull").val() == "") {
} else {


EDIT: Since groupCollapse inside the groupingView object it needed to be set using the syntax below. THis keeps the grouping intact as well

///if blank option (all states option) is chosen reapply grouping 
if($("#gs_StateFull").val() == "") {
   $("#businessGrid").jqGrid('setGridParam',{groupingView: { groupCollapse : true} }).trigger('reloadGrid');
} else {
   $("#businessGrid").jqGrid('setGridParam',{groupingView: { groupCollapse : false} }).trigger('reloadGrid');   

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