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Possible Duplicates:
.NET Equivalant for INET_NTOA and INET_ATON
How to convert an IPv4 address into a integer in C#?

How do I perform the same unix function inet_aton in c#?

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public int ToInteger(int A, int B, int C, int D)
    return Convert.ToInt32((A* Math.Pow(256, 3)) + (B* Math.Pow(256, 2)) + (C* 256) + D);


you can extend your own IP class like I did.

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Check out the IPAddress.Parse (or TryParse) methods of the IPAddress class.

An example would be:

static int IPStringToInt(string ipAddress)
    IPAddress address = IPAddress.Parse(ipAddress);
    byte[] asBytes = address.GetAddressBytes();

    if(asBytes.Length != 4)
        throw new ArgumentException("IP Address must be an IPv4 address");

    return BitConverter.ToInt32(asBytes, 0);

You will need to take into account the host and network order of the bytes, but there's several static methods on the IPAddress class for handling that.

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Try this i think is the same question and it has an answer (enjoy)

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