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How can I get QNX C/C++ sample code?

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Since QNX is proprietary, it can be hard to get a "jump start".

But as Research In Motion (the makers of BlackBerry) acquired it and are heavily investing on it - in the hopes to get as many developers as possible to jump on the new BBX platform, you may benefit from learning QNX via RIM - and maybe even winning a free Playbook tablet.

You can download the Native Development Kit (NDK) from this website:

It is a slightly modified version of Eclipse called Momentics. Using the Playbook simulator (which runs under a - hopefully - free version of VMWare) you can write, compile and run your QNX softwares.

I suggest you taking a close look at PPS objects. They are the most outstanding "idiosyncrasy" of QNX and mastering it will pretty much enable you as a QNX developer. Also, try to register for Foundry27 on QNX website and there you will find handful of (unfortunately almost hidden from Google) resources on QNX.

I hope that helps!

EDIT: and with the NDK it comes with a handful of examples. You will find them pretty much similar to POSIX.

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QNX Community Resources is always a good source of help and sample code for QNX.

Usually, library reference entries have a small sample code, e.g. MsgDeliverEvent.

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If you go to, download the QDE/Momentics trial, you'll get an Eclipse-CDT which will have examples available from the start page.

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QNX Neutrino is also similar enough to Linux/Unix systems that most software examples (for example socket and terminal io code) will be equally applicable to QNX as they are for their Unix system.

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QNX implements most, if not all, POSIX interfaces. – David Thomas Aug 24 '12 at 9:50

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