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I've done a bit of functional programming, and I have a couple online references, so I'm finding basic Erlang programming pretty easy.

But since I've done far more procedural/object-oriented programming than functional programming, I expect my Erlang code isn't very well styled or efficient.

Can anybody recommend any resources that cover good, efficient, well-styled functional programming?

thank you!

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Definitely try and get your hands on the erlang book:

The first section of the book is available free online and would make an excellent companion when you are just learning the language:

If you are looking for something more advanced, or wanting to learn tips and tricks about the language/OTP then I would recommend "Erlang in practice" screencasts:
Although they are $40, they are high quality screencasts and I believe well worth the money.

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If you think about architecture and design as about programing strategy and about coding style as about tactics than good sources are:

I think main rules are:

  • make short and readable functions
  • keep number of parameters, tuple members, record parameters and other low (less than 5) - structure your data
  • do and undo thinks in same function - make safe functions - avoid others to shoot themselves
  • KISS - Keep It Simple and Stupid (Stupid doesn't mean Dumb but don't make over-smart)
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