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Does anybody know a shortcut to fold/unfold (collapse/expand) all classes/methods in a php file using netbeans?

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To Collapse: Ctrl+Shift+Minus (on the keypad)

To Expand: Ctrl+Shift+Plus (on the keypad)

This works regardless of what language your using, (Tested on PHP, HTML, CSS & Javascript)

But you can find out the keyboard shortcuts easily yourself, and even change them:

  • Open the Options Dialog (Tools -> Options)
  • Then Select Keymap
  • Enter "Collapse" into the input field labelled "Search" and all shortcuts for that action are displayed. You can do the same for "Expand All"
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Thanks that was working! Assuming that I'm using mac it's command-shift-plus –  Lu4 Jan 9 '11 at 9:13
additional tip: if you only want to fold or collapse the current function / method based on your current cursor position, use Ctrl+Minus (keypad) src: ui.netbeans.org/docs/ui/code_folding/cf_uispec.html#actions –  Steve Wasiura Oct 23 '12 at 20:06
Tip: if you use Ctrl+Shift+Minus, it collapses the class block too (if you have a class, of course). If you want to see just the methods collapsed, you just have the work of expand the class block, and all methods will be already collapsed. –  Rafael Barros Mar 9 '14 at 16:03
How to expand all for/while/if folds within a function/method? –  Rahi Jan 22 at 13:16

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