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Is it possible to disable contextual tabs in MS Word using CustomUI xml? I added the following to customui XML but without any effect

  <mso:tabSet idMso="TabSetSmartArtTools" visible="false" />
  <mso:tabSet idMso="TabSetChartTools" visible="false" />
  <mso:tabSet idMso="TabSetTextBoxTools" visible="false" />
  <mso:tabSet idMso="TabSetDrawingTools" visible="false" />
  <mso:tabSet idMso="TabSetDrawingToolsClassic" visible="false" />
  <mso:tabSet idMso="TabSetWordArtTools" visible="false" />
  <mso:tabSet idMso="TabSetDiagramTools" visible="false" />
  <mso:tabSet idMso="TabSetOrganizationChartTools" visible="false" />
  <mso:tabSet idMso="TabSetPictureTools" visible="false" />
  <mso:tabSet idMso="TabSetPictureToolsClassic" visible="false" />
  <mso:tabSet idMso="TabSetTableTools" visible="false" />
  <mso:tabSet idMso="TabSetHeaderAndFooterTools" visible="false" />
  <mso:tabSet idMso="TabSetEquationTools" visible="false" />
  <mso:tabSet idMso="TabSetInkTools" visible="false" />
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Try hiding the tabs themselves. –  SLaks Jan 9 '11 at 2:05
Tried this. Did not work –  SparcU Jan 10 '11 at 23:16

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You can either try to use the getVisible property. See MSDN

<mso:tabSet idMso="TabSetSmartArtTools" getVisible="false" />

Or try to start from scratch. See here

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