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In my ASP.Net Website I am using

String.Format("{0:C}", param)  

to format currency values. On my local machine this works great, but when deploying the website to the server the output switches from € to $.

Obviously the server has different Culture settings, is there an easy way to change this application wide? (without direct access to the servers settings)

Is there an web.config entry I can change?

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You can do this in web.config

In an ASP.NET Web page, you can set to two culture values, the Culture and UICulture properties. The Culture value determines the results of culture-dependent functions, such as the date, number, and currency formatting, and so on. The UICulture value determines which resources are loaded for the page.


<globalization uiCulture="es" culture="es-MX" />
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        var culture = new CultureInfo("en-us");
        culture.NumberFormat.CurrencyDecimalDigits = 3;
        Trace.WriteLine(Cost.ToString("c", culture));
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