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In the past I've used RailsForum.com as a resource, but lately I've come across far too much spam and not enough useful posting. Certainly just my perspective.

So, what do you Rails developers use as a forum resource for the platform?

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The official Ruby On Rails Talk mailing list is a good spot for discussion. I also tend to go to #rubyonrails irc channel on irc.freenode.net with my questions. There tend to be lots of helpful folks there.

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I've never had a problem with railsforum.com, but I tend to just google keywords for any questions I have. There is a lot of online Rails documentation, and this system tends to produce decent results.

Also, consider browsing the Rails api when you have issues. I've found that there's a lot more data there that I'm aware of, and many of my problems are solved before they even develop when I do this frequently.

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Use stackoverflow. I've stopped using all the email lists and forums I used to need. This site has reached critical mass so unless your dealing with some really obscure technology I find I get answers quicker here then anywhere else.

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