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I have a list view, on a panoramic control. I've also created an event for MouseLeftButtonUp however I find that when scrolling between the panorama items the MousLeftButtonUp is triggering (it makes sense why but it is unexpected from a user perspective).

Is there any way to create a click event for a list? Or add a behavior that simulates that?

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FYI WP7 use Silverlight 3, not 4 –  Matt Lacey Jan 9 '11 at 22:31
Ah yes, right, thanks. –  Sebastian Gray Jan 9 '11 at 23:29

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Checkout the Tap gesture from the Gesture service that's part of the toolkit.

WP7 Tip of the Day: Silverlight Toolkit: Gestures

    <ListBox Height="100" HorizontalAlignment="Left" Margin="12,186,0,0" Name="listBox1" VerticalAlignment="Top" Width="460" >
            <Controls:GestureListener Tap="GestureListener_Tap">
        <ListBoxItem Content="1"/>
        <ListBoxItem Content="2"/>
        <ListBoxItem Content="3"/>
        <ListBoxItem Content="4"/>


public void GestureListener_Tap(object sender, GestureEventArgs e) {
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I had to use <toolkit:GestureService.GestureListener> <toolkit:GestureListener Tap="GestureListener_Tap"/> but it works perfectly –  Sebastian Gray Jan 9 '11 at 6:18
How to do this in codebehind ? –  swinefeaster Oct 25 '11 at 6:22

The listbox should already accept contact, so you can just fire the SelectionChanged event

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This is true, however it won't fire on a second tap if there is no change in selection. This is usually what prompts people to go looking for other options like adding buttons, checking mouseleftbuttonup, etc. –  Mick N Jan 9 '11 at 5:40

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