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I am working on building a php app that resides on the client's server and is able to connect to a remote server (REST API) and send and retrieve data constantly. I will have multiple clients that i will store on the master server, giving them their secret key which they can use to access the server. My problem is knowing how to structure something like this so that it is secure, efficient and above all, scalable. This app will also be heavily based on Social Networks like facebook and twitter. Mostly posting, sharing, etc. Also there will be some paypal and/or creditcard payments. I would like to know the best way to completely build something like this and what tools i should use.

Also as a side note, since users will be paying for this app, it needs to be secure so that if they decide to discontinue use, i can disable their account and they no longer have access to the data. I can do the coding, but i have very little idea how to do this remotely with ease.

Much appreciated.

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Since it's based on social networks, you could use OAuth from Google or Facebook to authenticate users. This will prevent you from needing to store passwords yet also still allow your app to access their Social network data.

Since you're dealing with credit cards, don't ever store them in your database. Let PayPal handle all of the payment details.

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what about making requests to an api remotely? Is that possible through CURL, if so can you show me an example? Thanks a lot. –  1337holiday Jan 10 '11 at 3:11
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