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hi im using c++ mfc. i have main window which works all the time and i want to make new window. how can i do it? thanks

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Hi you can create your own dialog by VS master and then do // on some event

CMyDialog dlg;


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Look at following article:

MFC Tutorial - Creating a window with two classes

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  1. Create a dialog resource in the resource editor.

  2. Right click it and choose "Add Class".

  3. Make sure the parent class is "CDialog" or any other you'd like and hit ok.

  4. Visual Studio class wizard will now create the necessary files you can now override window messages...etc

Easiest way to show your new dialog by calling:

CMyNewDialog dlg;

and make sure you include the newly created dialog class header file, should be: MyNewDialog.h

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i have tried this and its not working. but thanks – adir Jan 13 '11 at 13:42

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