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I am writing a JPQL query and i have the following scenario. I have a Question entity which contains a list of Tags. I would like to select all Questions that contains a given List of tags. How do i do this with JPA?

I would like to do something like SELECT x FROM Question x WHERE x.tags 'contains all' :tags

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You can set list as a parameter.

SELECT x FROM Question x WHERE x.tags IN :tags

Also try using (:tags), as it depends on the JPA implementation you are using.

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I will test this in a short while. I know it works if am checking if one tag is in a list of tags. But now my situation involves testing if a list of tags is a subset of another list of tags. – joshua Jan 10 '11 at 9:07
What was the solution? – Phil Oct 15 '11 at 14:48
Yea. that worked. – joshua Feb 27 '12 at 9:38

Try like this:

select distinct q from Question q join q.tags as t 
where in (:tags) 
group by,, q.title, q.content,q.postedAt 
having count( = :size
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Nayans solution does'nt work for me. Its selecting every 'x' which matches the first (or any?) entry of the given collection ':tags'. If this really worked for you, you should test you application again ;) might be JPA dependend - I don't know.

Tip: Try Krzysztofs solution or use mine:

SELECT x FROM Question x 
    SELECT y FROM Question y
    INNER JOIN y.tags yt
    WHERE yt IN (
    GROUP BY y
        :tagsSize // should be clear ;)
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