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I want to know is there an equivalent to the MySQL SELECT * FROM table ORDER BY sth to fetch all the results.

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Use an NSFetchRequest with a nil predicate and an appropriate NSSortDescriptor. On iOS, you should be using an NSFetchedResults controller as the query may return more items that you want in memory at once.

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CoreData on iOS is pretty smart about memory utilization. It will not load all of your rows into the returned NSArray. Actually, the object returned is a subclass of NSArray that is a proxy of an array, meaning that it implements all of the methods of NSArray, but doesn't actually have an array under the covers. It will only load the data rows as requested by the app. –  Jack Cox Jan 10 '11 at 15:51


The 'grammar' may be equivalent but there is some work you have to do in the application. A good starting explanation is Here.

In general you'd want to setup a NSFetchRequestwith the appropriate filters, sorts, etc. that you need.

-- Frank

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thanks for the answer. seems a NSFetchRequest without an NSPredicate works. I'm still testing. –  xhan Jan 9 '11 at 11:53

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