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PHP is execute line by line or just like java that it's compiled form byte code to binary code file by file?

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Lines do not matter in PHP (or C [besides preprocessed stuff], Java...) unlike Cobol or usually assembly. Lines exist to ease the work of the human programmer, but actually lengthen (a bit!) the first parsing work of the compiler/interpreter. Once compiled or parsed into bytecode, lines do not matter at all. –  ring0 Jan 9 '11 at 13:34

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The whole files is parsed before anything get executed. After this parser, PHP runs instruction by instruction. If your first instruction is a require/include, PHP will open the file and read their instructions (layered)

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PHP translates sources into opcode and after that evaluates it instruction by instruction.

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It's executed instruction by instruction. But before it gets executed, the whole file is parsed. Thus a syntax error occurs before anything gets executed.

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You can see PHP is not executed line-by-line, because you get syntax errors from whole file even before first line was executed (even in function which are not called at all).

If you want an example of line-by-line language, see Windows command line (it applies to unix sh files too) batch file language - you can type anything into lines which are not executed (for example because you terminate the file before the line gets parsed) and you won't get any kind of error.

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Well the whole file is parsed prior to iterative execution. –  diagonalbatman Jan 9 '11 at 13:32

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