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please help me,

can anyone tell me how to get the network performance using java code ???

or how to measure network performance via including simple time related metrics ?

Thanks a lot

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It depends what do you mean. If you want to measure network speed when downloading or uploading something you can create network connection, send some garbage and measure how long does it take to send. Better results can be achieved if both server and client sides are under your control. But you can even write simple client that downloads file from external URL and measure how long does it take.

If you wish to know measure network parameters of other applications I recommend you to read about JPcap.

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thanks for your response. but what i want is to no the network utilization for any time i want, not the network power. – user568818 Jan 9 '11 at 14:51

If you are looking for Bandwidth monitoring using Java, check the link below.

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