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I have a problem with JasperReports' report. I want to create a report that produces for each Database entry, on sheet. When I create it, it shows me only a few rows. Maybe there is a parameter to set in the iReport designer.

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Provide more details. What do you expect the report to look like? What does it actually look like? What does the query statement return when run directly against the database? – Dave Jarvis Jan 11 '11 at 18:24

A number of things to check:

  • Change the height of your report. Do you get more rows to appear? What about the height of your band? Does it change the results?
  • Check which band you have your content in. Some bands behave differently than others. Header/Footer/etc bands do not expand.
  • Check your input (the data from your query / xml datasource / whatever). Make sure that what you think is the input to your report really is.

Otherwise, likely we'll need more information. If you could upload an example jrxml that would help.

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