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I'm (a newbie) debugging my Lisp code (Common Lisp, Steel Bank, SLIME).

The first frame in my backtrace is:


My question is:

  • what exactly does "SB-KERNEL:TWO-ARG" mean/check/do ?
  • where should I have looked this up online myself? (I tried searching for it but cann't find any reference to it other than in other Backtrace outputs).
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You can use "v" on a frame to jump to the definition of the function in the debugger.

In this case, the function sb-kernel:two-arg-> sounds like a specialized version of > that is called when there are exactly two arguments provided. If the arguments are 1 and NIL, you'll get an error because NIL is not a number.

I'm not sure how you'd figure this out yourself, except by practicing and asking questions.

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When I hit v I get "Error: failed to find the WRITE-DATE of /usr/share/sbcl-source/src/code/numbers.lisp", infact numbers.lisp isn't on my computer at all. –  Joel Jan 9 '11 at 17:37
An easy way to get around that is build SBCL from source and install it. –  Xach Jan 9 '11 at 17:38

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