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My Java application runs from this .bat file

mode con:cols=130 lines=60
java -cp lib\postgresql-9.0-801.jdbc4.jar;bin telecom.cli.Telecom

A Window opens, the app runs smoothly... But i can't scroll Up and Down.
What do i need to add to this .bat file?

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The simple answer is that the lines parameter can be set to a large value which will create a larger than normal window which will be scrollable.

The happy answer is that the mode command is not required. Simply create a shortcut. In the shortcut Properties\Layout set the Screen buffer size (Width: 130, Height: {maximum 9999}), Window Size (Width: 130, Height: {25 for example}) This will create a window 130*25 and the buffered contents (up to a maximum of 9999 lines) will be scrollable.

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