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can I use the Class datatype to make a class a property, then create new objects from that class? Like so:

class Foo{

private var ExampleClass:Class;

public function Foo(exampleClass:Class){
 this.ExampleClass = exampleClass;
 for(var i:int; i<30; i++){

  var exampleObject = new this.ExampleClass();


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Looks fine, except for the no-good-for-loop. :) Have you tried it? – Alexander Wallin Jan 9 '11 at 19:15
yeah sorry about that – alex Jan 9 '11 at 19:28

Try to follow the accepted naming conventions, it'll make your code easier to read...

   public class Foo
        private var exampleClass:Class;
        private var numInstances:int = 30;

        public function Foo(exampleClass:Class )
           this.exampleClass = exampleClass;

        private function initClasses():void

           for(var i:int; i< numInstances ; i++)
             var exampleObject:Object = new exampleClass();
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