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I'm trying to get my Perl Frontier XML-RPC daemon to know about the IP address of the caller. I have to say I'm a newbie at Perl, so maybe this is obvious. I'm aware that Frontier::Daemon inherits from IO::Socket::INET, which has a peeraddr() method, but that doesn't help me when the daemon doesn't pass in its own instance to XML-RPC method calls.

Here's what my code looks like, roughly:

    my $server = Frontier::Daemon->new(
        methods => {
                diff => \&diff,
        LocalPort => 8080,
        ReuseAddr => 1,

And then later on down below:

sub diff {
    return $_[0] - $_[1];

How do I get the caller's IP address from within 'diff'?

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Unfortunately, you can't do this using Frontier's server class. By the time the local procedure/method is called, you don't have any handle on the actual socket connection itself.

As it happens, being able to access this information is a recent feature I added to the server class in my RPC::XML package. See the "How Methods Are Called" section in the docs for the server class.

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I run both Frontier::Daemon and Frontier::RPC2 (under Apache). I do not know how to grab the client IP when using Frontier::Daemon, but if you use Frontier::RPC2 then the Apache environment variable $ENV{REMOTE_ADDR} will contain the client's IP address.

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