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When an application is in the background and another application is running and is requiring more memory, can the app in the background receive a memory warning? Or can it only get killed from the memory without any warning?

If it's the latter, should I manually free up memory (cache) in the "applicationDidEnterBackground" method so that there is less chance that it will get killed?

Thank you very much!

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Yes, your application can receive a memory warning while in the background. Your application only gets killed immediately if the system really needs the memory, but it'll play nice and ask your application to return memory on its own first. If the system is satisfied it won't kill your application.

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I tried generating a memory warning on the simulator (Xcode 5 - iOS 7.1) when the app is in background mode but the memory warning is triggered after the app pass to foreground mode, do I need to begin a background task on didEnterBackground? –  rraallvv Jul 1 '14 at 16:03

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