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I have a page that loads data from a database. Also on this page are buttons to sort the data via date/price/location etc and those sorts are called via $.post

This obviously eliminates browser navigation with the back and forward buttons.

To start, I made it so that when a sort button is clicked it ads a hash to the url such as #dateNewest, #dateOldest, #priceHighest, #priceLowest etc.

I'm just not sure how I can implement it so that when navigation buttons are used, the appropriate content will load onto the page.

I came across this plugin but the implementation of it seems a little confusing and I'd like to stay away from full fledged plugins if at all possible.

Any help on where to go from here would be great. Thank you much.

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Have you tried cookies? You would store whichever #dateNewest, #dateOldest, #priceHighest, #priceLowest is selected.

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I was honestly going for more of a javascript approach then a server side approach. – Ryan Jan 11 '11 at 23:58

I ended up using that plugin after all with a bit of reading up on how to implement it correctly it seems to be working good now.

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