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The following Sitecore query works for me in the XPath Builder:

/sitecore/content/Home/CareAndTreatment//*[@Title='Birth Marks and other skin conditions']

But a similar query that checks on a DropLink field instead of a Single-Line Text field does not return any results:


Is there a syntax difference in the query language for Single-Line Text versus Droplink?

[NOTE: These examples use Sitecore 6.2]

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I could be wrong, but... Isn't the DropLink field storing the item ID rather than the text? So you'd have to query against that.

DropList - stores text as raw value
DropLink - stores ID as raw value

Maybe the Query API takes this into account?

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The solution is not that hard, prefix it with query, e.g.:


See also: http://sdn.sitecore.net/Reference/Sitecore%206/Data%20Definition%20Cookbook.aspx (2.4.2)

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Sitecore makes this confusing. I am using the XPath Builder to test queries (Developer Center -> Tools -> XPath Builder) and it does not work if you type "query:" at the start. If you do, it says "End of string expected at position 5." I know the tool works because the first query works. –  JoshBaltzell Jan 10 '11 at 13:32
If you're testing a Sitecore query from dev centre, you don't need the "query:" portion as this is implied. Just put whatever you would after this. –  timothyclifford Sep 21 '13 at 2:13

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