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So, I have a popup information "window" on my site. Basically, I've created a light-box type widow for online help and other informative things. It's been working great. My closing button is a little bubble that sticks outside the top-left corner and blends perfectly with the ridged border of the popup window.

Then I discovered a problem. If there was too much info, it would just print outside of the box. No big deal, I just added overflow:auto to the css. No more printing outside the box. However, my little "bubble" for closing the window also gets clipped.

I don't want to put this window closing icon inside the window- I really think my design is unique and cool. Does anyone know of a way to use overflow on an element, but still keep at least one element going outside?

Thanks, Dave

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Absolute positioning: http://jsfiddle.net/EkPmD/1/

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That was easier than I thought. I spent too much time focusing on the closer, that I didn't think about a container. –  the Hampster Jan 11 '11 at 7:16

Put your text in a container and set overflow on that.

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