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I want as my application to be structured in 2 parts: the logic code and the UI.

I've tried to implement that using a controller class(here I keep the logic code) inside of each activity. The activity send messages to controller and receive the answer in two ways:

  1. the answer is returned immediately (if the action is not complex and it can be done in a verry short time)
  2. the activity set some listeners and the controller fire this listener when the action is complete.

    The problems appears when the controller have a lot of objects(each object should handle a set of actions and for each action I have to set & trigger a listener): it is hard to keep the code syncronized.

    I'm asking if you know a better way to implement this mechanism.

    Thank you.

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Personally, I consider the Activity to be the controller. Widgets are the view. Others may disagree, and I am far from an MVC purist.

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+1 I agree with this. –  Tyler Treat Jan 9 '11 at 23:51
You are right. Thank you. –  Ungureanu Liviu Jan 10 '11 at 7:31
Agree with this –  GSree Jan 11 '11 at 0:13

Android methodology is pretty MVC.

Start by getting good at Views, then look at extending things as you see fit.

The views connect to the controller via the UI thread, which is the main thread of the application. You can define callbacks and such in the XML and handle all button clicks and such in this thread by just using the android xml methodology.

You should consider XML to be the View, UI Thread the Controller, and Background Threads/Services/Broadcast Receivers etc to all be part of the model.

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