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I am having awful trouble getting functional tests to work when using devise and declarative authorization. I can use the devise test helpers to sign_in a user and then the current_user variable is populated in the controller. But as soon as I use the post_with test helper for declarative authorization the current_user becomes nil.

Can anybody point me at an example of how to write functional tests when using devise and declarative authorization together?


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I had the same problem. You can't use declarative authorizations testhelper such as post_with in functional tests with devise.

For functional test you mus use the devise testhelper such as sign_in and sign_out. I've wrote a helper which uses the devise test helper methods for functional tests:

def test_with_user(user, &block)
    sign_in :user, users(user)
    sign_out :user

This helper i use in the following way:

test_with_user(:max) do
  get :new
  assert_response :success

Hope that helps.

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Brilliant solution thanks - works well! – Craig Wanstall Jan 11 '11 at 21:02

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