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We're building a touch screen kiosk application that will run on Windows POS Ready 2009. We need to ensure that the application is always running, so we've built a watchdog process that our application pings periodically, and if the watchdog doesn't get a ping, it'll start/restart the app - a fairly standard idea.

Our application is WPF and requires .net 4 (which is all fine) and we chose to use WCF named pipes for the inter-process communication. This now seems like a bad idea because I don't think WCF using named pipes is natively supported on POS Ready 2009 and I can't find an where on the internets how to install/configure support for it.

Any one know if/how I can run my application with WCF named pipes on POS Ready 2009.

EDIT: My bad - file under "Too Stupid to Live". Thanks for your answer Chris, you are completely right and it does work perfectly on POS Ready 2009. Other deployment issues had me flummoxed.

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Is there some specific reason you are now doubting named pipe support on this platform? – Chris Dickson Jan 10 '11 at 0:10
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I don't have any hands on experience with POS Ready 2009, but Microsoft's product web site claims "Full Win32 compatibility" for Win32 applications out-of-the-box, and support for .NET 4 as an option. If the Win32 Named Pipe APIs are present as this implies, then the WCF NetNamedPipeBinding ought to work.

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