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What analysis do you currently perform to achieve performance metrics that are acceptable? Metrics such as page weight, response time, etc. What are the acceptable metrics that are currently recommended?

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This is performance related, so 'it depends' :)

Do you have existing metrics (an existing application) to compare against? Do you have users that are complaining - can you figure out why?

The other major factor will depend on what network sits between the application and the users. On a LAN, page weight probably doesn't matter. On a very slow WAN, page size (esp WRT to TCP windowing) is going to dwarf the impact of server time.

As far as analysis:

  1. Server response time, measured by a load test tool on the same network as the app

  2. Client response time, as measured by a browser / client either on a real or simulated network

The workload for 1) follows the 80/20 rule in terms of transaction mix. For 2), I look at some subset of pages for a browser app and run empty cache and full cache cases to simulate new vs returning users.

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Use to get waterfall charts. Do RUM, Real User Monitoring, using Google Analytics snippet with Site Speed Javascript enabled. They are the bare minimum to do.

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