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Good Evening,
I created a website using the thickbox where it displays a calendar and one of the problems that has surfaced is the content will not scroll on iPhone type browsers. I have tried to update it to the colorbox and see if that fixed the problem and it did not.

How do I get the mobile browser to allow content to scroll?

Here is a page that I have been using to try and figure the problem out: http://hsr-bsa.org/test/test.php


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Looking at your test site, you appear to have solved this issue. Would you care to share your solution with the rest of us? –  Ian Stanway Jun 18 '12 at 13:29

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This appears to be a limitation of the mobile version of Webkit.

This page claims you can work around it by two finger scrolling within regions with overflow:scroll set. I've not been able to try this out for myself though as I've not managed to get hold of the company ipad to test it.

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This was true, but doesn't work since a change to iOS. –  Ian Stanway Jun 18 '12 at 13:30

If anyone happens on this answer question, please see my answer on this very question on another thread. Note that you need to control the iframe contents i.e. on the same domain.

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With thanks to Jack Moore, the colorbox css file has been updated to address this:

#cboxLoadedContent{overflow:auto; -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch;}

Amending your stylesheet with the webkit specific overflow rule should do the trick. No need to update any javascript function.

Source: https://github.com/jackmoore/colorbox/commit/ca4e63c71cf1ec00fb3340f2e1a0a5512cbc8f0a

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This works. Please accept this as the correct answer. –  12hys Jun 24 '13 at 21:18

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