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I have an array that gets accessed in very complex ways; is it possible to break in visual studio 2008 when a certain element of the array is accessed? Or the array itself is accessed?


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You can't set a breakpoint for when a certain element in the array is accessed, but you can set a breakpoint for when the array is accessed by changing it to a property, and putting the breakpoint in the get accessor.

So change this:

public string[] myArray;

To this:

private string[] myArray;
public string[] MyArray
            return myArray; //put breakpoint here.
            myArray = value;
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You can use conditional breaks. Meaning that say you have a method where you pass as an argument the index of the array to be accessed, you can then use a condition to break when index is X.

To insert a conditional break right click on the break point an select condition.

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