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I have a flash file uploader that allows uploading multiple files in one shot. Now on one click how many times will the hanlder is supposed to be called?

I am seeing that the ProcessRequest() of the HttpHandler is getting called for each of the files I upload. If I upload 5 files, then the Process request gets called 5 times.

This seems odd. I would expect the handler to be called just once where I will loop the

Can anyone confirm this behavior or I am missing something?

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The Flash uploader and the ASP.Net HTTPHandler are not related. If the Flash uploader calls the HTTPHandler 5 times, you will see ProcessRequest() called 5 times.

If the Flash uploader serializes the data, and passes the entire string to the HTTPHandler for deserialization and processing, you will see ProcessRequest() called once.

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Thank you!!!!!! –  kheya Jan 10 '11 at 6:18

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