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I have the following:

<%=link_to( image_tag(participant.user.profile_pic.url(:small)), :class=>"work") %>

which outputs the following:

<a href="/xxxx/308?class=work"><img alt="xxxx" src="xxxxx"></a>

I want the class "work" to be a class for the a href not a query param, so it should look like:

<a href="/xxxx/308" class="work">

is this possible?

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Where are you providing the HREF, the path that must be retrieved when someone click's the image? link_to is being kind and assuming it to be the current path. Ideally you would provide, the path as the second option to link_to.

<%=link_to( image_tag(participant.user.profile_pic.url(:small)), :class=>"work") %>

<%=link_to( image_tag(participant.user.profile_pic.url(:small)), user_path(participant.user), :class=>"work") %>

You should not rely on an empty hash as the second parameter, but explicitly provide the path you want to go to when image is clicked.

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The above answer didn't work for me. Maybe a different version of rails?

I'm using Rails 4 and this worked:

<%= link_to (image_tag (participant.user.profile_pic.url (:small)), class: 'work'), user %>
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