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Greetings stackoverflow.

I have been tinkering about with a SOAP client using PHP5's native extension. The SOAP message I am trying to create, uses complex Data Types.

So far I have created a class file using the wsdl2php tool ( I have successfully created parts of my SOAP message however, I am sure I am doing this incorrectly. Please see below:

The message I want to create:

  <OTA_HotelAvailRQ Version="1.0" AvailRatesOnly="true" TimeStamp="2010-10-06T16:14:26+08:00">
     <RequestorID ID="test" Type="10"/>
    <AvailRequestSegment AvailReqType="NonRoom">
     <HotelSearchCriteria AvailableOnlyIndicator="1">
       <HotelRef HotelCode="PCBCMS"/>
       <StayDateRange Start="2010-10-06" End="2010-11-06"/>

With the following code I am able to produce part of the message however when it comes to:

// Hotel Availability
$qOTAhrq = new OTA_HotelAvailRQ();

$qOTAhrq->AvailRequestSegments['AvailRequestSegment'] = array('AvailReqType' => 'NonRoom');
$qOTAhrq->AvailRequestSegments['AvailRequestSegment']['HotelSearchCriteria'] = array();
$qOTAhrq->AvailRequestSegments['AvailRequestSegment']['HotelSearchCriteria']['Criterion'] = array();

The following message is produced by the code above. Whats going wrong :(

 <ns1:AvailRequestSegment AvailReqType="NonRoom">

needs to be

 <ns1:AvailRequestSegment AvailReqType="NonRoom">
   <ns1:HotelSearchCriteria AvailOnlyIndicator="1"/>

Hopefully my question is extensive enough to understand what I am trying to achieve. Am I using the correct method to produce my xml soap message or should I not be using arrays this way? Is there a way where i can type something like:

$qOTAhrq->AvailRequestSegments->AvailRequestSegment = array('AvailReqType='nonRoom');

links: my classfile: wsdl class file (created by wsdl2php)

please help - perhaps my message will help someone else in the future :)

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I am not fully sure, but I don't seem to find any code segment that would evaluate to:<ns1:HotelSearchCriteria AvailOnlyIndicator="1"/> Perhaps you want something like,

$qOTAhrq->AvailRequestSegments['AvailRequestSegment']['HotelSearchCriteria'] = array("AvailOnlyIndicator"=>"1");
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hi gunner. so it would be best to actually use arrays to create the soap message as the is nothing in the wsdlclass.php file that would support what im trying to achieve? –  goingsideways Jan 10 '11 at 4:49
using that code you supplied didn't seem to do the trick. i had tried that previously. perhaps i should put it in the same line as 'AvailReqType'? –  goingsideways Jan 10 '11 at 4:50
I have not looked into the wsdlclass.php, but based on quick observation,I figure this is how it should be. –  Shamim Hafiz Jan 10 '11 at 4:51
so i am infact going the correct way about creating the parameters for the soap message? –  goingsideways Jan 10 '11 at 5:11
you are correct. I had a spelling error. it should be AvailableOnlyIndicator –  goingsideways Jan 10 '11 at 5:15

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