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The important one in question is MODELNAME_path, which in this case would be image_path, but this seems to clash with the existing method in ActionView::Helpers::AssetTagHelper.

I'm currently calling image_path(@image) in an RSpec view spec file, and it's taking me, reasonably, to the method in AssetTagHelper and raising an exception, since I'm trying to pass it an object when it ordinarily takes a string.

My first instict was to try url_for, but this, most curiously (and I can't figure out the reason for this one; feel free to enlighten me), eventually just delegates the work back to AssetTagHelper.image_tag. Weird.

So the bottom line question is how I should go about specifically calling the dynamically defined image_tag, and in general how to differentiate the two.

This is the last time I ever name a resource Image.

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Have you tried polymorphic_path(@image) instead of image_path(@image) ?

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Rails actually recommends you use path_to_image for this exact issue.

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