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How can I execute an external command and capture its output in Perl6?

Perl5-style back-ticks don't seem to work:

> my $results = `ls`;
Confused at line 1, near "my $results"

Synopsis 16 documents the run method, but this returns the exit status rather than the output from stdout.

I'm using the Rakudo implementation (rakudo-star-2010.12).

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Use qqx or qx instead, e.g.:

> my $results = qqx{ls};

Larry Wall answered an equivalent question on a mailing list:


: What replaces backtick or qx{} ?

qqx[] or qq:x[] would be the exact equivalent. qx[] or q:x[] would be the same with single-quote semantics. (There are probably no backticks for that purpose since we're reserving ` for user-defined stuff, and because backticks are visually difficult to tell from single quotes in many fonts.)

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I found the answer just before posting the question, but posted it anyway in case it's useful to others. – mattbh Jan 10 '11 at 5:06

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