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So, right now I'm doing the basic login. In, I go to django contrib login:


That shoots it to here:

def login(request, template_name='registration/login.html',

That view uses the AuthenticationForm forms model:

class AuthenticationForm(forms.Form):
    Base class for authenticating users. Extend this to get a form that accepts
    username/password logins.
    username = forms.CharField(label=_("Username"), max_length=30)
    password = forms.CharField(label=_("Password"), widget=forms.PasswordInput) objective is to to change the username form! By adding this to it: widget = forms.TextInput(attrs={'placeholder': 'username'}). That's it. That's all I want to add to the username input box. But, I don't want to change the actual django file, since that's part of django contrib and I feel bad changing that file.

What do I do? Should I create a form that extends AuthenticationForm? If so, how do I import that? And how do I pass that in as an argument via my I don't know what to do.

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You need to subclass the AuthenticationForm class, and then you need to change your,

class MyAuthenticationForm(AuthenticationForm):
    # add your form widget here
    widget = .....

Then import this class into your file and update the call,

(r'^login/?$','django.contrib.auth.views.login',{'template_name':'login.html', 'authentication_form':MyAuthenticationForm}),

I'm too tired to lookup the links on the documentation site to see what type of field you need to use but this should do the trick to get you started without having to modify the django which you definitely should feel bad about changing!

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