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Let say i have 2 page in wordpress, Page A and Page B (please notice this is Pages not Posts).

as default wordpress will use page.php as the template for page.

but now i want to make it like this.

Page A will use template page.php

and page B will use template page-new.php

how i can make that in wordpress?

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Copy the page template, change its name in the comment

Template Name: New name

When editing a page in wp-admin, on the right side is a combo named Template. Your template should show up there automatically, you can pick the template on page by page basis.

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Thank you. it really solved it... – GusDeCooL Jan 10 '11 at 6:39

You don't even need to use a page template, simply create a template file for that specific page, you can do this using the ID or the slug of the page.

Copy your page.php file and name it either.

a) page-n.php
- where n is the page's numeric ID

b) page-name.php
- where name is the page's name(or slug at least, ie the nice version, lowercase and hypens)

All this works inline with the WordPress template hierarchy.

See the image on the above link for a visual representation of how the template hierarchy determines which file to load.

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