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Some say it doesnt start on their HTC Hero, another says it doesnt open in their Cliq, etc. I built the entire app using my Droid X to debug. Now that the app is released, and the code is interacting with so many different types of hardware, how do I figure out what may be going wrong for these users?

In my Crash errors log I have one record of a crash, and I believe I've already fixed this. It was certainly not responsible for the crashes that users are complaining about.

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may be you have to check manually or maybe its problem of multiresolution bcoz different mobile have different resolutions.Otherwise if it is possible then you have to include crash log report in your application which send crash logs to your email id.Or you can ask them to install crash log reporter and set your emailid to target for crash report. try this links.first one for manually adding code to your application

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Very helpful, im working on implementing this now. –  D-Nice Jan 10 '11 at 6:33

Do you have any Logcat outputs in release mode? May be they help you out..

Alternatively, you can test it out on 3rd party mobile testing vendors.. Where in you can buy some hours and do some quick testing...

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How would I review a Logcat output in release mode? –  D-Nice Jan 10 '11 at 6:07

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